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Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.40.20 AMUnbelievable Great Transition Drill from Roanoke
Coach Bill Pilat

OK, it is a consistently great program, and a consistently great Coach. They have been a transition team for a long time and Coach Pilat shares a key drill we had not seen before, and you are going to love this!! 341 Wins, 13 straight willing seasons, and 70% win percentage, the highest in ODAC.

First, I am going to describe the drill the way they run it at Roanoke . Then we will share some ideas for teams with slightly smaller rosters.

This drill is configured in three segments. Almost like three separate zones of the field. First, inside the Restraining Lines we have three Attack and three poles and a goalie at each end. All of these players must stay below the Restraining Line. So we have an “offensive zone” at each end.

Next we have three middies from each team located in the middle of the field between the Restraining Lines. Thus a “middle of the field zone.” With the single exception detailed below, all middies must stay between the Restraining Lines. I would incorporate LSM’s and D Mids in this six. Might not even be a bad idea to incorporate a pole inis mix as well. Thus we have three distinct zones where players are located, …. As we begin there is an exception for one middie.

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