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Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.39.16 AMShooting, Conditioning, Transition and More…
Coach Andrew Fink

Coach Andrew Fink starting a new DIII Program at University of St. Joseph in Connecticut following a great run at Mt. Ida shared his practice philosophies in a recent podcast.

I loved interviewing him and was intrigued by his practice philosophies that open with a lot of stickwork/touches both short and long passes, and conditioning all combined together. And the he uses this same 40- minute script to begin each practice. Although it is not as monotonous as it sounds, as he is very tuned in to making sure the players are looking forward to a shooting finish in may cases. And he emphasized each drill or element of the script including the one we highlight below is only 6-7 minutes, with only one or two exceptions.

This lacrosse drill is a great example…

OK, this is a Shooting Drill, but even after ten years of podcasts I have not heard anything like it, I can imagine the players love it. And it has so many benefits.

Picture this: We have two lines at the midfield line. As in almost all of his initial drills these lines include attack, middies, D Mids, LSMs and poles all mixed together. This is a point of emphasis for Coach as he is transition based, and wants his LSMs and Poles to be aggressive carrying into the offensive end… all the time.

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