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Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 8.49.34 AMThe Cannon Drill, Utah
From Coach Holman

I was really impressed in the recent podcast with Coach Holman and their new DI Program. I am going to love watching this program develop.

Coach Holman has put together an incredible coaching staff and a total group effort in the development of true game scenario lacrosse drills. One of the more unique aspects of his practices are the focus they put on poles playing offense in the drills and consequently the “shorties” in defensive positions in drills even the attackmen.

I think every college coach I have interviewed (more than 157 hours worth) runs this drill. We first wrote up this drill in our article section from Coach Cottle. It is a full field transition drill that begins with two lines of three players at the face off wings and we begin with a ground ball. But at Utah they had a pretty awesome twist to develop offensive skills in their poles, and a number of different scenarios.

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