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Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 8.36.10 AMThe “Joker Lacrosse Drill” St. Leo University
Coach Brad Jorgenson

Love this drill. Love this Coach. I have been writing up NCAA Lacrosse Drills for about ten years. That is over 230 unique drills or twists on lacrosse drills I have written up between my site and Laxpower.com. This is one of the most unique looks I have seen, and when Coach Jorgenson explained the rational behind this lacrosse drill, I was amazed.

The context of the conversation in the recent podcast was around transition drills. The culture of the St. Leo Lacrosse team is extremely fast paced, what I used to think of as true transition, “get it up and down” lacrosse, but Coach Jorgenson gave me, and gave all of us something to think about in a new context.

To me, transition drills or transition lacrosse is not about just “fast breaks,” although that might be a part of it. It is about quick ball movement off of a ground ball. Or off of a slide, double-team, or a ride… But Coach Jorgenson described his players always having the transition green light in a 5V5 transition scenario, and then how he reinforces it through this lacrosse drill.

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