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Coaches, I am so excited to talk to you about this awesome product!! Like you they believe in building the game and they believe in our work here at laxcoachmike.com. This is very cool!! I use it myself with our teams, I love it, I know you will too!!

Coaches, if you want to be more prepared on the field this season, then you have to check out my friends over at Krossover. They will break down your game film for you and give you searchable clips, advanced stats, and interactive scouting reports in as little as 12 hours. Here’s a bit more about how it works.

Click Here to get to my laxcoachmike link at Krossover,

Please check this out for the new features and how all this works, You may want to expand your screen once you click the video screen to get the full affect!

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Direct from our friends at Krossover…

If you didn’t have time to watch the video, that’s okay, these guys are all about saving you time. Here are the Cliffsnotes for you:

● Easily search for all your won faceoffs, caused turnovers, or shots on goal
● Accumulated season stats and advanced metrics are calculated for you
● Label your EMO plays or slide packages in your own terminology
● Add telestrations to your clips and share them directly to your players’ phones
● View shot charts, tendency reports, and data visualizations with their new Insights tool

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Click Here to get to my laxcoachmike link at Krossover,

Krossover Intelligence for Lacrosse can help you win more games and make smarter use of your prep time. They break down and stat your game film for you, giving you searchable clips, advanced statistics, shot charts, and other valuable insight that you can access from any PC or mobile device.

In as little as 12 hours after you upload your video, each play will become its own video clip – allowing you to search the footage for any event or player. For example, quickly look at all the turnovers you forced in the fourth quarter – just by clicking a button.

You can use custom tags to label events in your own terminology – such as your EMO plays or slide packages. Not only will you be able to search directly for those clips, but Krossover’s platform will do the calculations and tell you which plays are achieving the best results.

Make film sessions more engaging by telestrating on your clips, adding them to a playlist, and sharing everything with your players or assistant coaches. You can also exchange film with conference opponents or other teams in your league with just a few clicks of a button.

They’ll even give you an interactive shot chart that lets you visualize where you are generating your scoring chances or giving up goals. Filter by goals, saves, missed shots, and specific players – then click on any shot to watch the corresponding video.

I love this product. They’ll make you more efficient in the film room and more prepared on the field. Coach smarter and win more games this season with Krossover.

Check out this brief video on their app!!! (You want to expand the screen to get a full picture!)

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Here are the 3 Special offers!!!

First if you want to check it out, Krossover will provide a FREE, yes FREE single game breakdown for you to see how great this works, simply mention when you call, you are a laxcoachmike member, Free and Premium Members both!!

For all of our Free Members!! Special Offer!!!

Click Here to get to my laxcoachmike link at Krossover,

If you are a Free Member of my site, and you sign up for Krossover, I will extend a one month FREE UPGRADE to Premium Member Status for you! You will have total access to the site, 140 plus Hours of Full Podcasts, during the Free Month you can listen or download all 140 hours on me!! Thant is how much I believe in this product! Following the 30 day period, your membership will then return to Free Member status!! The timing is awesome on this special offer!!! So check them out now!!!

Click Here to get to my laxcoachmike link at Krossover,

If you sign up, then just very simple, shoot me an email, mike@laxcoachmike.com, and I will handle the one month upgrade on my end! You keep the same Username and Password, very simple! You will love it!

For all of my Premium Members!! Special Offers!!!

Premium Members of laxcoachmike.com will receive a 10% Discount on your selected package with Krossover!!! Again, I love it and you will too…. Please just email me when when you contact Krossover to get your details on how to receive your discount!! Premium guys, I love you! Click Here to get to my laxcoachmike link at Krossover, check it out!!!

“The ability for our guys to view upcoming opponents has been an excellent teaching tool. I highly recommend Krossover to every level lacrosse program.” –Matt Kerwick (IMG)

Special special thanks to our new friends at Krossover!!!! Hope you check it out and make you film life easier and more effective today!

Go To The Krossover Site!! Click Here

“Krossover provides invaluable data on our clients that enhances our instructional video sessions. Lacrosse players are able to improve their skills through Krossover’s advanced analytics and easy-to-use software.” –Paul Rabil (NY Lizards)

“Krossover is a huge reason for our success. It used to be tough to watch film. Having to watch a full game while keeping kids focused was difficult.” –Chuck Wilbur (Onondaga)

“Krossover – specifically the value of the breakdown service, stats, and shot chart – helped our team win the title.” –Rob Daziel (Pinkerton Academy)

“The film is broken down using so many different tags that it allows us to quickly pull the information we want to highlight. Then we can relay it all to our players to study.” –Mike Hasen (Rochester Knighthawks)

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