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In 30 plus years as a college head coach, Hampden-Sydney lacrosse coach Ray Rostan has established himself as one of the most respected coaches in the country. Rostan has served as an assistant coach for the US National Team; he has been honored with the Babe Kraus not once but twice, and been Coach of the Year in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference four times. He has over 250 career wins and seven appearances in the NCAA Tournament, not to mention being there as a member of the 1973 Cortland State national championship team as an attackman. He later played professional indoor lacrosse for the National Lacrosse League Champion Rochester Griffins, then for the Long Island Tomahawks.

In addition to coaching duties, Rostan has been a member of several national committees. He chaired of the Men’s USILA North-South Senior All-Star Game and he is serving on the Committee for Coaching Ethics sponsored by US Lacrosse. He recently completed a five-year commitment as a member of the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Committee, as well as ten years on the Division III All-America committee.

In the interview coach openly shares in detail his philosophies on lacrosse practice, lacrosse drills, adjusting lacrosse practice plans to team needs, a move back to fundamentals for players, and shorter time allotments for drills. We got some great quotes from this great coach, “in all lacrosse drills run to pass and run to catch,” “Wide to narrow not narrow to wide,” and “attack every pass” to name a few. We also got some great drills including a unique 4V3 in the Box (see my Laxpower.com article) and a unique skeleton lacrosse drill for his offense — which is really a quick touch passing drill. For information on his camps, go the Hampden-Sydney Mens Lacrosse site and look for the menu on the left.

I had a lot of respect for Coach before I had a chance to really talk to him, and he just continually continues to impress with his insights and attention to detail, it is a great interview.

looking to replace line drills with your shorties? This is a must listen! In the free sample below for all members you can listen to him describe the unique skeleton lacrosse drill in his own words, where he just accomplishes/teaches so many fundamentals. Then check out my article on the lacrosse drill in the article section, as always thanks and please share your thoughts, mike@laxcoachmike.com.

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