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playerconduct-featuredAfter recording a number of podcast interviews at the recent December 08 Intercollegiate Mens Lacrosse Association Conference in Baltimore I was taken by a rather unique difference in Coaches’ perspectives on the changing nature and values of the kids we coach today versus the kids we coached ten or even just five years ago.

Coming from a corporate background perhaps my bias is showing. I believe the business world employees are radically different than those of even five years ago. But in my interviews with some of the most successful college coaches in the country (Salisbury, Syracuse, etc) who seemed to see a small difference in their kids. The High School Coaches who suggested the kids were much different. All agreed that kids today face a whole series of issues and social challenges that simply did not exist ten years ago. But if the nature of the kids we are coaching is evolving or changing, how does that, or even should it manifest itself in the way we as Coaches approach the kids we Coach?

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