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coach-mike-peek-to-cropMost great coaches are well versed in the advantages of studying film. In the last HS Varsity game in which I coached, which happened to be a State Championship, we had the unfortunate experience to go two men down at a critical part of the game, in an electric stadium, against a great coach. We set up in our four-man box, waited for them to rotate the passes around, change sets, and then when they went into their first set of plays, we jumped to shooter number one, covered adjacent and covered shooter number two. I was truly banking on the fact that they were so well coached they would adhere to the script.

We totally sold out our zone based on film study and simply had a little luck as well. We frustrated their Man Up to a degree, survived the penalties and it changed the momentum of the entire game. All based on the preparation and film study. We went on to lose in Double OT so maybe I am not such a good coach anyway.

But the point is the film helped divert a potential crisis. So here is my question, what if you were to watch an entire game film of your performance and conduct on the sidelines?

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  1. Steve Weaver Says:

    Well said, I agree that when faced with the prospect of watching myself on the sideline it can become somewhat unnerving but I am typically the quiet guy and my assistants tend to be animated.
    I am a huge fan of the little victories which I get every game and despite the outcome of the game I deliver “the news” along the way but I try to pile on the positives in a 4:1 ratio. This way the kids come away feeling positive and they have been criticized fairly not yelled at. it also gives them something to work on at practice and they actually feel good about it.

    keep up the good work!
    Coach Weaver

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