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I am a lacrosse coach just like you, well maybe a little older… I love and respect lacrosse. And the more kids we get involved to share the love of lacrosse the better. This is not a site for players but exclusively for Lacrosse Coaches who are helping kids fall in love with lacrosse and improving at every level from Youth Lacrosse to High School Lacrosse and beyond.

I played both in High School and College Lacrosse for top rated programs and many great lacrosse coaches as well as some not so great lacrosse coaches. I have coached lacrosse at the U10 through U15 levels, coached High School JV and Varsity.

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I have coached lacrosse travel teams in summer lacrosse tournaments all over the country , coached in numerous lacrosse camps and been blessed to experience coaching in a State Lacrosse Championship. I have been through tough seasons, as well as received Lacrosse Coach of the Year recognition. I am currently the Coach for Auburn Men’s lacrosse. This does not make me a great lacrosse coach, simply an older coach who has seen a lot and most importantly realized how much more there is to learn.

Again, I am not in any way prophesying to be a great lacrosse coach, but over the last four or five years taken great steps to help our kids be more successful by listening and learning at lacrosse clinics, lacrosse conventions, lacrosse camps and lacrosse conferences. Two things have amazed me, first how willing even the biggest names in coaching are, to honestly share their lacrosse drills and ideas. And second, whether it is the IMLCA or the US Lacrosse Convention the same lacrosse coaches, the ones with championship rings are still there learning to get better. While many lacrosse coaches with not as much passion or dedication or wins… are at home or in the lounge.

The idea for this membership website, laxcoachmike.com is simply an extension of this philosophy. We want you to join our community of Lacrosse Coaches Getting Better Together. For the cost of renting two or three videos a month, on our site, laxcoachmike.com, we will offer you ideas and help from the best of the best lacrosse coaches. You will receive updated podcasts (35 to 50 minutes each) a few times each month. These unique lacrosse coaching podcasts will be customized for you to listen on your computer, via teleconference, or to download and listen on your IPod or mp3 player. We have a current library of articles designed to make you think about the way you coach lacrosse. We continue to add lacrosse articles each month as well as lacrosse coaching interviews, lacrosse eBooks, lacrosse videos and would love to encourage you to write lacrosse coaching articles for us and contribute your thoughts. There are also specific lacrosse tools for Rec Youth Lacrosse Coaches as well as HS Varsity Lacrosse Coaches.

Check us out. We understand the only way you will stick with us is if the content on the site, laxcoachmike.com, is extremely valuable to helping all of us be better lacrosse coaches. We are committed to bringing you the best. Already up on the lacrosse coaching site for members are unique lacrosse interview podcasts with lacrosse coaches from Salisbury University, Syracuse, Upper Arlington HS, and Ohio Wesleyan University, Butler Kent Denver High School as well as others. All of these lacrosse coaches understand you, the specific audience, and have directed their comments to help you improve, or at the very least, think about changing the way we all coach lacrosse.

These are tools direct from my toolbox, and tools I (lax coach mike) currently use each I coach a team. I’m sure you will find them as useful as I do. You’ll also get FREE access to an exclusive MP3 audio interview I did with my friend, Head Coach Jim Berkman, the winningest lacrosse coach in NCAA Lacrosse history. Catch his unbridled passion and love of coaching and tips to improve all FREE for simply checking us out. I really hope you will visit us, and be part of this project, simply, Coaches Getting Better Together… At laxcoachmike.com.

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