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Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 8.19.15 AMBucknell “Numbers Drill” with some awesome Twists…
Coach Fedorjaka

I love this coach, if you check out the podcast you too will be amazed at his attention to detail, actually you can listen to Coach describe this awesome lacrosse drill in his own words, Free for all Free Members in the podcast section under “Preview”… read through this then come back and click here…

OK, most of us run some type of version of his “Numbers Drill,” and we have a few versions of this in our article section. Scott Marr from Albany runs something very similar and calls it his JailBreak Drill, it too is in our article section. (use the search box for easy access)

But in this case, Coach Fedorjaka has added some incredible twists as well as a unique variation.

Basic Lacrosse Drill

We start at the midfield line w six lines of offensive players and each line is numbered 1-6. In between the six lines of offensive players we have five lines of defensive players, and again, each line has a number. Coach also has a sixth line of defenders, but with only one or two D Players as this line (#6 Defense) gets very few reps.

Each “rep” is different it might be four on offense and three on defense, and all variations including six on offense and only one on defense or even four on offense and six on defense. Are you with me so far? Sounds familiar, as most of us run something like this.

The Drill begins with a ground ball deliberately rolled to an offensive player by a Coach. Whatever the numbers called for the defense, all defensive players sprint to the “Hub” and play defense from the “inside out.” So even thought the drill begins with a ground ball, it is not really contested, just rolled out to any of the offensive players, then all players spring into the offensive end.

I want to point out that Coach Fedorjaka reinforces with his defenders to always have a defensive player between the shooter and the goalie, always, always.


1. The thing I love the most about the very unique way Bucknell runs this drill is the way it begins.

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  2. kinggarlandius1978 Says:

    Amazing variation by the most creative coach in the game. This could really happen in any unsettled drill.

  3. coachmike Says:

    Thanks Coach, Hope all is well!

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