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Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 10.03.12 AMGA Tech, Coach Ken Lovic, MCLA President
The Hub Drill…

OK, my head is still spinning a bit from this portion of the podcast. I chose this specific drill to write about and feature in the Preview Sample for all Free Members as it demonstrates the difference in practice philosophies. Or at the very least opened my eyes his unique way to focus of defensive slides in a drill that I would have never thought to use for that point of teaching and emphasis. And let there be no mistake this is a very strong defensive team under his direction.

He refers to this drill as their “Hub Drill” and it is basically a 5V5 drill and initiates out of a 2-1-2 look or a 1-4-1 look with five players. So many of us run 5V5 in practice but perhaps I learned a whole new perspective.

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