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Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.56.53 AMVirginia, 5V4 Munro Lacrosse Drill
It is awesome!

Lars Tiffany always – always delivers a great podcast with a ton of new lacrosse drills. His drills are definitely among the most popular on my site. In this case a new lacrosse drill that features incredible support for transition lacrosse teams, a few new twists, quick reps and Riding and Clearing fundamentals all in one…

At this point after 150 plus hours of podcasts with great NCAA lacrosse coaches I was close to thinking I had seen it all on transition drills. Until this podcast.

The drill is a full field drill with 5V4 at each end, with Goalies. Nothing new so far eh? However there are some awesome wrinkles in this version of the drill which Coach Tiffany credits Jamie Munro with sharing. However, Coach Tiffany got what he expected and was surprised that he got even more.

So we are 5V4 at one end and then 5V4 at the other end… we roll the ball out to one end of the field, and we go back and forth from one end to the other end, like a full field transition toggle drill. This is where it gets interesting,

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5 Responses to “Article: Tiffany Virginia 5V4 very very fast…”

  1. Bulax32 Says:

    Is there a diagram we can see the drill laid out on a field?

  2. coachmike Says:

    Coach i do not have a diagram, but if you want to schedule a quick call I can walk you thru it, it is not as complicated as you might think,


  3. ddrogows Says:

    What is the rule for maintaining the 5 v 4 after the transition? I am assuming you have 3 attack and 3 defense on both sides and start with 2 O-mids and 1 d mid. On the transition you are clearing 3A and 2 riding mids against Goalie, 3 D, and a d mid. What is the rule for transitioning to a 5 v 4 on the other side after the transition?

  4. coachmike Says:

    Great question, the 5V4 configuration just stays the same on each end, remember the clearing team cannot cross the midfield line so they are passing into the 5V4 that stays the same on the other end,

    They have only ten seconds to clear the ball, thus as they get close to the final count, they are still making a pass into the far end, hopefully it is not just a pure “Gillman heave” but perhaps a soft lob over the attackman, and count on our O guys to win the sprint to the ball, then their ten second count begins to go to the cage,

    I run something similar on my man down clear, overloading one side of the far end field, then a soft lob into the open space and a sprint to the ball, I got the idea from Coach Seaman years ago, but it takes practice,

    I would encourage you to click on the “Free Preview” to listen to Coach Tiffany describe the drill and that might help with your question as well? Does this help?


  5. gooner1978 Says:

    I’m definitely going to give you a call to talk about this one. It seems as if this drill would work better for younger/high school teams with the goals moved up to the top of the restraining boxes.

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