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Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.33.04 AM“Work Your Tail Off Drill” – To open practice from Cornell

Head Coach Matt Kerwick is definitely one of my favorite people and favorite coaches in lacrosse today. In our recent podcast we were discussing fast paced drills that most college lacrosse coaches are using to set the tone for practice as soon as they get done stretching.

Perhaps after stretching or at the very least after some stickwork, most college lacrosse coaches are immediately going into a fast paced transition drill to set the tone for the rest of the practice. It works and the players love it. In many cases it is a 3V2 lacrosse transition drill or occasionally a 4V3 transition drill, fast reps, fast whistles and get the players flying in transition.

In this interview, Coach Kerwick has added a unique dynamic accomplishing many of these objectives but with a new twist.

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