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Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 2.22.31 PMCabrini “Hub Drill” to 4V4 and so much more…
Coach Steve Colfer, Cabrini Men’s Lacrosse

This coach simply blows me away every time I interview him with his creativity and unique style for many of his lacrosse practice drills. Although this most recent podcast has a ton of new twists on drills, I get a lot of emails on new ideas for “defensive lacrosse drills” and this one is awesome!

The drill begins a lot like a skeleton defensive slide drill with a recovery element, and then evolves into a unique 4V4 Drill with unlimited options and potential coaching elements.

The format for the drill is four cones placed in a diamond shape around the cage, or even a square box around the cage defined by the low profile cones.

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