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screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-12-23-50-pmBe Better Finishers Inside
Drills from Colorado College

In the most recent podcast with Coach Sean Woods at Colorado College I was impressed on a number of fronts. First the way he has modified his practice plans since we last interviewed him, and secondly, how he has used this specific (new to his team) lacrosse drill to address issues he saw on watching film from last season. In this case preparing lacrosse players to be better finishers inside. I think we all can relate eh?

I might refer to this as what I call throughout my site as a “Crunch Lacrosse Drill” or a lacrosse drill run in a smaller confined area. Coach Woods identified an area he thought that if they improved they would score more and win more games. In this case it was finishing with open looks to “inside” players. Actually he attributes the drill to Coach Berkman at Salisbury, and in the words of Coach Woods, “It benefits us tremendously.”

In this case the lacrosse drill has two segments.

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