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screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-9-42-50-amDuke Lacrosse Practice 1V1’s
Variations and Critical Elements

In the most recent podcast with Coach Danowski from Duke Men’s Lacrosse there were a number of elements that really surprised me, as well as his lacrosse practice plan elements that have remained steadfast pillars in a Coach Danowski Practice Plan.

1. All lacrosse drills emulate game scenarios
2. All lacrosse drill are quick reps w a ton of touches (no longer than 10 min/drill)
3. Lacrosse drills are varied every day, even on 1V1’s to keep lacrosse practice interesting and fun for the coaches and the players
4. Amazing attention to detail

I can’t think of a better example of how all these inherent practice elements are included than how they directly pertain to how Duke Lacrosse works on the fundamentals and develop offensive and defensive skill sets in something as basic but critically important as 1V1 play.

The variations and key elements listed below would be included in the daily work on 1V1’s, but on different days during the week to keep it interesting for the players… Please make sure and read to the end of this article, as the final section on “The Detail” is critical and a huge part of this scheme at Duke. Remember, after you read the article you can simply “Click Here” and listen to Coach Danowski describe all this in his own words in the Preview Sample for all Free Members of my site, just log in,

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