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Colorado College Butt to Butt Gr Ball to Transition
Coach Sean Woods

I have been waiting to interview Coach Sean Woods for a while after following his success at Colorado College as well as Mars Hill. He is an interesting coach, relatively straight-forward in his practice planning, with a definite structure but his passion for the key fundamentals he wants to emphasize is pretty cool.

He promotes transition lacrosse with an emphasis on aggressive ground balls – thus he starts every practice with a ground ball drill. But it does not stop there… I love this drill.

We promote ground ball-pass-pass as a new fundamental for players, as well as hopefully getting the ball to the backside (or weak-side) pipe for a bunny. But it necessary that our players really move the ball and recognize these critical opportunities. We also love meaningful lacrosse drills that the players love to run as well.

In addition, after 90 plus hours of interviews with college lacrosse coaches we are definitely seeing a shifting emphasis on one-on-one ground ball drills, with the theory being most ground balls in game scenarios are really a one-on-one battle for the ball in some way shape or form. And of course as you know we love fast pace and transition… In this unique drill we get it all…

I am describing the drill here with a modest schematic, please listen to Coach Sean Woods describe the drill even better in his own words in the Free Preview section of the interview. Click here to listen…

The lacrosse drill is basically a one-on-one ground ball into a 5V5 in its purest form, but with a few twists. The drill can emulate a player getting beat in the alley, a transition recognition moment, a true ‘Scramble’ aspect to the lacrosse drill, as well as offering some key coaching/teaching elements.

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