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The Omaha Lacrosse Drill – Coach Mike Murphy

We have received a ton of emails requesting we interview Coach Murphy from Colgate. And although I did not know him before the interview, I can understand now why he is so highly regarded. This is an awesome lacrosse drill, with a lot of flexibility for teams with smaller rosters, and younger players as well. He quickly gives the credit to Coach Alberici, and his years at Army, but then again all great lacrosse drills come from somewhere…

We loved it! Ground Ball Work, Support for Wing Play on Face Offs, Goalie Outlets, Offense and Defensive Work, Transition Play and Conditioning all in one!! You will recognize some familiar aspects of this lacrosse drill, but I am sure you will love the twists on this variation. I will initially go through the drill as Coach Murphy describes it, but remember, these coaches have 40 man rosters. After we go through the drill will offer some great ideas for you if you have a U13 or U15 team, or have smaller rosters. (Actually in the “Preview” portion in our interview section you can listen to Mike describe this in his own words for all Free Members)

This is a full field drill, and looks a little ominous the first time through but please keep reading….

1) We start with the Coach and balls in the middle of the field.

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  1. eastsidelax Says:

    Which lines do the middies that lost the GB battle go? Do they stay on def end and go to outlet lines or do they go back to midfield for GB battle?

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