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Coach Charlie Toomey, Loyola -The Knight Drill

Great Coach- Great Drill. As you might imagine after writing about drills and interviewing top lacrosse coaches, I do not often hear a lacrosse drill that I have never seen before. Most lacrosse drills are new variations or awesome extensions (in the case of adding clearing or ‘add one’ features) to lacrosse drills. So if you are looking for something new and great for your players, you are in the right place. In our recent podcast, Coach Toomey shared this was originally an idea from a dialog with Army Coach Alberici, and also suggested that they might run this drill two or three times a week, if it works for Loyola, I am thinking it will work for us…

Especially since this drill can be really effective with players ranging from U15 to NCAA… It can be run in the half-field, or on both sides if you have a larger roster.

This lacrosse drills offers coaches a real opportunity to focus on fundamentals as well as a true transition element, and some hidden conditioning just as a bonus. I ran it yesterday, and our players loved it.

The drill begins with a little set up by the coach. We want to build a 20yd x 20yd box with cones beginning at the midfield line and then 20 yds down towards the cage. We begin with three ‘offensive’ players in the box, and two ‘defensive’ players in the box. We also add an additional offensive player or an attackman and an additional defender down by the cage. You can position them specifically in a spot or let them roam…

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