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Michigan 7 Line 4V3, Get Practice Started Right!
I love talking to Coach John Paul, Head Coach Michigan, now entering his second season following their move from top of the MCLA to NCAA DI Lacrosse. We talk to a lot of coaches, and Coach Paul is at or near the top of the list in terms of innovation. Where we are now (recently in 2012) seeing coaches change up the sequence of their practices and their lacrosse drills, he has been doing that for years. And there is no argument that he has been successful. And although their record was as you might expect in their first year of DI level NCAA Lacrosse, they were near the top in national statistics on riding, and very tough on ground balls, inherent characteristics of the Michigan Team, regardless of the level of play.

In the ‘Preview Sample’ section of the site you can listen to Coach Paul describe this very fast paced drill in his own words, just takes a few minutes of your time and I promise it will be well worth it. Click Here to listen to Coach Paul describe it! Then Click Preview

This is a cool variation of a drill that he has run at the beginning of practice to really set the tempo and the ‘electric’ pace and maximum effort we all want in practice.

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