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Army Face Off to 6V5 Lacrosse Drill
In our most recent podcast Coach Joe Alberici really delivered with a number of awesome lacrosse drills. In this case he addressed a key area that I think all of us reluctantly minimize, or if you are like me, we have the best intentions, but at the end of the week we have not spent the time we might have liked on Face Offs, as we watch from the sidelines with frustration as we give up yet another possession.
Or maybe like me, you do spend time with the Face Off guys with quick whistles, popovers, clamps, for ten minutes a few times a week.

Again we fall short as we rarely work on wing play or truly experiment with different players both in the face off or on the wings, until it is game time and we are adjusting trying to stop the bleeding on face off losses. So how can we be better in this key area, and still make practice fun, upbeat, and even integrate a little transition for our players? Can we do all this and still keep the pace electric in practice?
Coach Joe Alberici comes to the rescue, and proves why he is an NCAA Lacrosse Coach, and I am still taking a ton of notes and coaching Club…
and running a website…

The Basics

In this drill the configuration in its most basic form is pretty simple. We are going to start with a Face Off with players on both wings, two face off guys, from both teams. Thus, we are truly emulating a real game scenario. In each end we have three attackmen, but only two poles…

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  1. dwayne Says:

    Great drill ran this drill the last few yrs. with my modified team.Fast pace game like scenario they love it!

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