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Coach Ted Garber, Best Slide Lacrosse Drill Ever…

This past weekend I had a chance to visit again with Coach Ted Garber. He always amazes me, in my mind he is better at designing meaningful lacrosse drills on the fly, or with limited space, than any lacrosse coach I have ever worked with. And I was reminded again of a drill that I learned from him that has a number of variations, but is perhaps the best sliding drill, movement drill and having players think drill, all while directly emulating real-life game situations in a fast paced environment. He calls is the 1-2-3 Box Drill.

The four offensive players set up in four corners, right at or right inside the box. Two are at goal line extended and two are up top at the restraining line. I actually like to run the drill outside the box initially, but then again I am pretty anal about spacing.

There is a Goalie in the cage, and then three defensive players, stacked from the crease up, in a straight line. Each of the defensive players is assigned a number from one to three.

As coaches we often work hard on a defined slide package, or multiple slide packages in our lacrosse drills. Maybe you are a crease slide guy, or a coma slide guy, or even an adjacent slide guy. But in real life, in the flurry of a game,

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  1. pmanderano Says:

    It is great to see different versions of drills. It helps to keep things fresh in practice. Creating game like situations is always the key for defenses and these drills help with those situations. Great article!

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