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(Go to the interview section and hear Coach Myers describe this drill in the preview for Free Members)
This is a great lacrosse shooting drill we have taken from our interview with Coach Myers from Ohio State. We are always looking for new drills, creative drills, fast paced drills, drills that incorporate a number of fundamentals and players, and drills that directly emulate game situations. This unique concept lacrosse drill goes beyond most typical shooting drills in meeting all of our criteria as well as taking them to a new level.

The more we talk to top college coaches the more we begin to understand the correlation between success and running drills that not only emulate game situations but in addition, are run out of sets that we actually run or see in games. What we often on this site refer to as “Snapshots of Games” as a description of the best drills, Coach Myers refers to as a “piece of our Offense” in his drills.

This is a shooting drill that can start with the ball or a ground ball, a split dodge, quick passes to the outside shoulder utilizing both the right and left hand fundamentals of the players involved.

The drill features three players, and is run out of pieces of a 1-4-1 set.

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