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Tambroni Penn State 4 Core Shooting Drill

In our recent podcast with Coach Jeff Tambroni, Former Head Coach, Cornell Lacrosse, now Penn State, he shared his 4-Core Shooting Drill. Many of the coaches we have talked to regarding lacrosse shooting drills have a number of ‘running and shooting’ drills, and use shooting drills as a warm up for practice. It was interesting to hear Coach Tambroni stress the fact that these shots off a pass, stay in a 3-5 yard area. It was also interesting to us, that these drills are done every day for 15-20 minutes before practice begins with stretching. Coach Tambroni stressed repetition, thus he recommended as few players in a line as possible, recommending three per line, and with multiple cages.

The all four phases of the drill start with two lines 10-12 yards from the cage. This is critical to Cornell as the defined shooting area, 12 yards with Room and Space, and 10 yards off a running shot. Log in or register for free to read rest of the article, and the diagram…

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  1. KSULAX Says:

    Excellent use of all four kinds of shooting drills rolled into one. Need for accurate shooting if you want your team to score goals.

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