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In our recent podcast with Anthony Kelly he shared a few specific drills for lacrosse coaches designed to build techniques with Face-Off players not only for boys lacrosse players but youth lacrosse players as well. Clearly this is a key segment of the game that has a dynamic impact on both possessions as well as scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, very few programs have a specific coach, or even enough coaches to spend dedicated time in this key area.

The qualifications or key characteristics that make a good face-off man will vary greatly.

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  1. John S. Duke Says:

    Thanks for the info in this article. As a youth coach we always struggle to find ways to improve the technique of younger players. These drills give our youth coaches a place to start and an opportunity for “coaching moments” about facing-off. I’ve found that even though Face-offs are a very important part of the game; youth coaches shy away from teaching face-offs because they don’t know how to go about doing it. This will help a great deal. Thanks again.

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