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As you know, I am not a huge proponent of running plays, but rather teaching the kids fundamentals of different formations. Actually, in my recent interview with Coach Zimmerman, UMBC, (what an amazing resource), we talked of the same type of scenarios with a 2-2-2 formation. But this unique simple look/play is based on running out of a 1-4-1, usually in an even man situation. Just the kind of look coaches love, it looks complicated when it is really pretty easy…

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Mumbo drawing

3 Responses to “Looking for a Unique Look for Your Lacrosse Team? Try a Mumbo…”

  1. Jim Scully Says:

    Key points about timing and patience. Our guys would be late in screening or early and lose the look on the crease. We’ve tried to err on the side of screening early, then the screenee(word?) can still use it to some degree.

  2. coachzoroya Says:

    an easy way to fix the timing is to have the players pick based on when the dodger enters the box. Entering the box is a definitive action that the other players can work off of.

  3. coachmike Says:

    Absolutely!! Actually we had a problem getting our guys around the picks quick or fast enough using the box as the ‘signal’ as the driving offensive player is coming so fast, we now begin the picks when he starts to sprint (‘pickers’ coming slowly for the first few steps) from close to the midfield line, and if gives us more time to get around the picks and into time and room off the shot… this is easy to incoprporate into a shooting drill w/o defenders which has also helped us a lot,

    Thanks so much,

    Coach Mike

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