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Special thanks to Head Coach Scott Marr from Albany!!

This is a great drill to work on 6V6 in transition, ball movement and team defense in a fast paced fun drill. I heard him talk about the drill in our podcast interview and had our kids doing the drill within a week. They loved it, and it enhances a lot of key transition skills or what he referred to as building “Anticipation” on both sides of the ball. This is a fantastic drill for players of all ages.

So often, we as coaches have a tendency to work in “Even” situations in kind of a static half-field scenario. I might even call it a little boring, but I do want to offend you this early in the article. This drill is more game-like (emulating game-like situations is critical for all our drills)

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  1. keith hughes Says:

    Very helpful.

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    This site looks great. I will sign up soon

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