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4 Keys to a Successful Lacrosse Practice

I have been blessed with this lacrosse website for coaches project. After spending an hour or so each this year with 8 out of 11 of the top ranked NCAA DI (USILA) Coaches, I have learned a lot of interesting philosophies about the changing nature of how successful college coaches structure their lacrosse practices. These new philosophies according to these winning experts are applicable at every level of coaching, beginning with youth through college players.

First let me suggest, that if you are not planning your practices in writing in advance you are not maximizing the potential and probably falling short of putting your players in the best position to be successful. This planning is not a key to a successful practice, it is far more, written planning must be a standard operating practice for coaches. If you might think this does not apply to you as a lacrosse coach, and I used to think that, then no use reading the rest of the article…

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2 Responses to “4 Keys to a Successful Lacrosse Practice”

  1. apaquette Says:

    Mike I can’t agree more to all your points in this article. I would like to add one thing to help young coaches when planning your practices. The thing I would like to add is a question that I ask my coaches before we work on the practice plan. The question is “what are we trying to accomplish with this practice”. Are we working on one major thing or a couple of small parts.

    You really need to have a clear understanding of what the practice is trying to accomplish.If you have that clarity the players will have it also and it will make for a better practice.

    Coach Andy

  2. Cklinker Says:

    Coach Mike~
    Great article and “dead-on” the mark! If coaches don’t understand these very simple key points…., it’s going to be a long (or should I say short)season for the kids….

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