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When Running Plays, Runs Amuck…

Let me start by suggesting that my comments here are to be taken as food for thought. Coaches who spend 30 minutes or more in practice on a litany of very specific plays are often the coaches that seem to get the most frustrated on the sidelines. Coach Cannella from U Mass in our recent podcast recording offered the best description I have ever heard in running what he calls, “Freelance Within Sets”

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  1. Priorcegroome Says:

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  2. coachmike Says:

    Thanks so much! We are always open to new ideas as well as guest articles,

    Coach Mike

  3. Forexnow Says:

    I have the same opinion as yours on this. What you said is true.

  4. coach B Says:

    i love this philosophy, and teach it every time I step on the field

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